• Full-time artist now in Chelsea studio, Old Church Street, London. Regularly showed abstract expressionist landscapes in mixed exhibitions. Works purchased by private collectors.
    • 1962. Eric Newton, Art Critic of the Guardian bought large canvas, ‘Spring in New York’, from R.B.A. Gallery
    • on behalf of the Contemporary Art Society.  Oil painting housed in the bowels of the Tate Britain Gallery then presented to the Permanent Collection of the Royal Pavilion Art Gallery, Brighton.
    • 1963. Traumatised by Divorce. Muse dramatically departed, creativity withered and dried up totally. Start of 25 year artistic-block.
    • Turned to Fashion to support two children.
    •  Made hats and bags for Barbara Hulanicki  of BIBA.  Then opened own Chelsea Boutique, clothes featured in famous american Newsweek report on Swinging London. Sold this shop to partner Terence Donovon, one of the three foremost cockney fashion photographers, with David Bailey and Brian Duffy.
    • 1964. Fashion Editor of Nova Magazine.
    • 1967. Fashion Editor of Harpers Queen Magazine.
    • 1969. Fashion Editor of Sunday Times Newspaper.
    • Received numerous journalistic awards in these years, including Fashion Editor of the Year. 1971.



    Molly's art can be viewed at:

    Most Photo's by John Timbers